Good Morning Year 2!

Monday 23rd March 2020


Today I would like you to use Youtube to watch and read along to the poem 'The fish that couldn't climb trees.'  by Steve Attewell.  

Please make a list of the rhyming words you have spotted.  

Why was squirrel unkind?

What could fish not do?

Write a letter to fish from squirrel saying thank you. 


Look at an analogue clock and count around in 5's practice telling the time at 5 minute intervals.  Visit topmarks website there is an interactive clock on here that you can use to practice. 

Make sure you do some exercise and some reading.

Stay safe and well Mrs Bennett 

Good Morning Year 2!

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Watch and re-read the poem from yesterday.

Can you write an acrostic poem about fish.

Remember acrostic poems use one word to F.I.S.H and all the other words are linked to the topic but must start with the letters in the word.

Write the word FISH down the side of the page, think of something for each letter.  Can you do it for any other animals?


Today I would like you practise your number bonds to 10 and 20.

Use topmarks 'hit the button' type in number bonds to 20 or 10.

You can also print a number bonds to 20 matching activity off twinkl and there are also bingo games to play.


Good Morning Year 2!

Wednesday 25th March 2020


I hope you are enjoying the poetry so far by Steve Attewell, today i would like you to use utube to listen to another poem.

'Theres a crocodile in my lunchbox' by Steve Attewell

Read along with this poem and make a list of the rhyming words.

Please answer the following questions about the poem;

What is in the lunchbox?

What does the crocodile eat first?

What did the crocodile ruin?

Who's lunchbox does he jump into next?

Where did the boys throw the lunchbox?

What do they think he'll bite them on?


Practise counting on in tens from the following numbers, write the next three numbers that would follow in the sequence...

Eg. 42  52  62  72

What are the next three numbers in this sequence

36  .....   ......  ......         29 ..... .....  ......      71 .....    ...... .......

Can you think of three more sequences of your own?

Now I would like you to continue practising adding and subtracting in columns. - remember start with ones first and then the tens.

35 + 47 =          62 + 19 =             37 + 49 =            28 + 45 =

82 - 39 =           91 - 54 =              63 - 18 =             71 - 38 =


Have a think about the animals that we saw at the Safari Park, can you draw and label a food chain, dont forget to include a producer (plant) herbivore (animal that does not eat meat)carnivore (eats meat).

Remember to fit in a Joe Wicks workout and some reading time. Stay safe :-)       

Good Morning Year 2!

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hope the home learning is going well, keep up the fab work :-) 


Today I would like you to continue listening to and reading poems.  On YouTube I would like you to listen to and read 'The worm that wouldn't wiggle' by Steve Attewell.

Can you design a new sock for the worm, what mini beasts could you draw on it?

Can you think of any other mini beasts that can't do anything, for example the spider that wouldn't make a web.  Make a list. 


Can you spot the verb in each sentence, write them down and then make your own sentence using that verb. Remember a verb describes an action. 

The sheep are running in the fields.

The dog is chasing the sheep.

The farmer is calling the dog.

The dog is barking at the sheep. 


Start with these;

3 x 2 =          5 x 4 =              5 x 3 =         7 x 10 =             6 x 3 =            9 x 2 =


Recap using the interactive topmarks clock to tell different times, half past, o'clock, quarter past, quarter to, five past,ten past, twenty past, twenty-five past.

How many hours are there in a day?

How many minutes are in an hour?

Convert these times into minutes....

1 hour 10 minutes = .......minutes

1 hour 20 minutes = ........minutes

1 hour 30 minutes = ........minutes

Convert these minutes into hours and minutes....

85 minutes = .......hours........minutes

95 minutes = .......hours.......minutes

75 minutes = .......hours......minutes

100 minutes = .......hours.......minutes

Remember your Joe Wicks daily workout, daily reading and spelling practice.



Good Morning Year 2!

Friday 27th March 2020

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine in your back gardens!


Look on You Tube and watch and read along the poem 'Once I laughed my socks off' by Steve Attewell.

Today I would like you to have a go at writing your own poem about something you have laughed off.  For example 'Once I laughed my hat off!'

Think of a piece of clothing

Make a list of silly things it might do

Write your own silly poem

Write one verse, use adjectives and if you can use rhyming words.


Start with this - write down as many 2D shapes that you can remember and write their properties, for example; triangle = 3 sides and 3 corners.

Can you do it for your 3D shapes

for example; cube = 6 faces, 12 sides, 8 vertices 

Recap the clock on topmarks and practise showing different times at five minute intervals.

Try these time problems...

Tom leaves his house at quarter. past 5 and arrives at the park at half past 5. How long does his journey take?

Jack leaves the house at half past 7 and arrives at the cinema for 8 o'clock.  How long does the journey take?

Sarah leaves school at 3 o'clock it takes her 30 minutes to walk home.  What time is she home?

Jane leaves the party at 2 o'clock and she gets home at 2.30pm.  How long does her journey take? 


Go out into your garden or look out of your window.  Write down 6 nouns that you can see.  Add an adjective to each noun. 

This weeks homework from the CGP Homework books is 

English page 15

Maths page 57

The new set of spellings are;











Enjoy your weekend :-) 

Good Morning Year 2!

Monday 30th March 2020.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready for week two of your home learning!


Please look on YouTube for the Julia Donaldson story 'Superworm!'  If you have a copy at home, read it with an adult.

When you have read the story I would like you to answer the following questions.

What does baby toad do?

How does Superworm cheer up the bees?

How does he save the beetle?

What does the wizard have that is magical?

Where do they throw the wizard?

Do you think the wizard deserved it?

Why do you think everyone wanted to help Superworm?


Start with these;

15 + ..... = 21                7 + ....... = 19              20 + ....... = 28          30 + 5 + ...... = 41


Can you add these coins amounts...

50p + 5p + 2p =

20p + 20p + 1p + 2p =

50p + 10p + 5p + 2p = 

10p + 10p + 2p + 1p = 

Draw coins to make these totals.....

53p              27p               68p                 19p             £1.10p             £1.15p

Remember you don't need to draw the coin shape, just draw a circle and write the coin value inside. 


Write the words that can be made into a contraction.

She is looking for her sister.   In this sentence you would write    She is as this can make She's 

Your turn...

I am going to a birthday party.

We are moving house.

He is catching a train.

She is looking for her sister.

I know it is going to rain.


Go into your garden and sketch any plants or trees that you can see.

Can you label any parts of a plant/tree? 

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning Year 2!

Hope you are all well :-) 


Re-watch Superworm on YouTube or read if you have the book. Focus on this section please;

Then toads and beetles, bes and bugs,

Brother snails and sister slugs,

Uncle ant and earwig aunt

Clap and cheer and chant this chant:

Superworm is super-long.

Superworm is super-strong.

Watch him wiggle! See him squirm!

Hip, hip, hooray for the SUPERWORM!

1. Make a list of all the nouns

2. Make a list of all the adjectives

3. Make a list of all the verbs.

4. Can you see any alliteration?

5. Write 2 more sentences to describe Superworm

Superworm is.....    Superworm is......


Start with this...

Write number families for number bonds to 20.

Here's an example 3 + 17 =  20

                           17 + 3  = 20

                           20 - 3 = 17

                           20 - 17  = 3 

Can you write number families for these number sentences?

4 + 16 = 20              15 + 5 = 20                  12 + 8 = 20

Choose 6 objects from around the house. Label each item with the following price tags; 37p, 28p, 19p, 46p, 31p, 25p

Imagine that you have 50p.

Write the number sentence to show how much change you would get if you bought each item.

For example; 50p - 37p = 13p.  Remember you can use column subtraction to work out the answer.

If this is a bit tricky just use smaller prices for example, 12p, 11p, 10p and subtract from 20p. 


Please draw and label a character from one of the books that you are reading.  Why do you like/dislike this character? 

Good Morning Year 2!

Wednesday 1st April 2020 


I would like you to write your own version of Superworm.  Today I would like you to decide who your 'bad' character is going to be.  In this story it is a lizard with a magic flower.

Draw and label your new bad character and give them a magic...... (you decide).


Start with these

1/2 of 6 =            1/2 of 10 =               1/4 of 24 =             1/4 of 32 = 

Solve these money problems...

John has 38p in his purse.  He puts 10p in a collection.  How much does she have left?

Jack buys a packet of crisps for 12p and a drink for 15p.  How much does it cost altogether?

Sam's mother gives her 20p to buy her brother a banana.  She buys a banana for 16p.  How much change will she receive?

Poppy has 87p in her purse.  She puts 50p in her piggybank.  How much does she have left? 

Jim has 90p.  He gives his sister 35p to buy a cake at the school fair.  How much money will she have left? 

Remember you can use column addition and subtraction to help you.


Adverbs (gives more information about the verb - ran quickly - quickly is the adverb - how you ran.

Write the adverb

calm + ly = calmly

Your turn...

bright + ly

soft + ly

smooth + ly

rough + ly

Choose the best adverb.  How can you...

run - quickly or softly

sing - carefully or sweetly

write - loudly or neatly

eat - greedily or roughly

sleep - tidily or soundly

Hope you are still doing your Joe Wicks workouts :-) 

Good Morning Year 2!

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hope you are safe and well :-). Have you exercised with Joe Wicks yet?  Remember it is important to stay active as much as possible.


Remember before you write a story you need to plan it.

Today I'd like you to plan your story.  Decide who your good character is going to be Super.....(spider, ant - you decide)

Then think of three mini-beasts that your character helps. 

Draw your story in different sections and then tomorrow you can look at your pictures to remind you what you want to write. 


Start with these..

3 x 3 =           9 x 3 =            5 x 5 =           10 x 9 =            8 x 2 =              7x 2 =

9 x 4 =         6 x 4 =           3 x 10 =          7 x 5 =           12 x 2 =          8 x 4 =

Order these amounts smallest to largest

50p         10p           2p           5p

20p         £1           50p         2p

2p         £2          10p         5p

5p        1p            50p         2p          10p

Solve these problems

How many ways can you make 60p?

A market stall by the seaside has these things for sale;

postcard 25p

lolly 35p

ice-cream 75p

cake 55p

What 2 items can I buy with 60p?

What is the most expensive item?

What 2 items would cost exactly £1?


Ben bought a balloon. He gave the shopkeeper 6 coins to pay for it.  How much could he have paid for it? 


Add the missing commas

We did reading writing and drawing today.

The runner is tall strong and fast.

There are red purple orange white and pink flowers in the garden. 

Can you write your own list sentences with commas about what is in your school bag, clothes you are wearing and the names of your friends. 


Think back to when we made our African Art Silhouette pictures.  Can you make a similar one at home but for Spring time animals.

You could colour the background in using pastel coloured pencil crayons and then draw Spring animals (chicks, rabbits, lambs) with a pencil and shade them in with a pencil so that they look like silhouettes.  I look forward to seeing some of your pictures :-) 

Good Morning Year 2!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hope you are still working hard and staying safe too.


Today I would like to write your own story based on Superworm.

Start with introducing your 'good' character describe how he/she helps three mini beasts.  Introduce your 'bad' character.  What does the bad character do? How does the bad character capture the good character?  How does your good character get saved?

Draw a front cover for your story.


Ask someone in your family to test you on your times tables ( x2 x3x4x5 x10) and test you on the spellings that were set last Friday on here.

Today I would like you to consolidate your knowledge on using money.  You will need access to a tablet/phone/laptop.  Choose from and play the following maths games;

Log onto topmarks

The change game

Toyshop money game

Coins game

Cashing in

This weeks homework from the CGP Books is 

English page 29 Plurals

Maths page 51 Money

Your new spellings are; dizziness, jolliness, silliness, bossiness, sloppiness, happiness, cheekiness, sleepiness, stickiness, chattiness

Enjoy you Easter Break :) 

Good Morning Year 2!

Welcome to a new term, not quite as we expected though!  I hope you have had a fantastic Easter with your families and that the Easter bunny managed to bring you some yummy treats!  Hope you are ready for this weeks learning, you have been working so hard with your families at home already, so lets keep up the good work! 

This weeks spellings are;

rattle, simple, middle, giggle, purple, battle, bubble, tickle, kettle, little, you will notice all these words have a le on the end of them, can you think of any more?

English - Monday 20th April 2020

This week I would like you to focus on non-fiction writing.  So, I would like you to complete a project on Cheetahs.  I would like you to create a leaflet about Cheetahs.  Lets first look at the success criteria needed when writing a non-fiction leaflet;

You need a title, then an introduction sentence, you will be writing in short sections (paragraphs) and each short section will have a sub-heading.  Use only facts and include some pictures that are labelled with captions. I would like you to focus on making your sentences longer by joining your ideas by using when, if, because to join you ideas together. 

Before we can write about Cheetahs we need to research them.  So you will need access to YouTube.  Watch the following video clips; Cheetahs 101/Nat GeogWild and Cheetahs for kids:Learn all about Cheetahs - Free School and also read along with the online book ; Cheetahs non-fiction reader. Of course with a grown up you can research other sites too and read any books that you have at home.

When your research is complete I would like you to write 5 interesting sentences about what you have found about the Cheetah. 

Maths - 20.4.2020

To warm your brains up practise you times tables - x2 x3 x4 x5  x10 - ask a grown up to test you on these.

This week we are going to be looking at 'Measure.'

You wiil need access to the internet, use the TWINKL website 'Year 2 Units of measurement:mass powerpoint.'  Read through this with a grown up. 

Next, try the topmarks website and type in 'Reading Scales Mass' (choose the one that goes up in 2kg). use this to measure reading the measurments on the scales. 

Ask a grown up to help you to choose some items from around the home.  Then you will need a set of weighing scales (either from the bathroom or the kitchen). 

Weigh one object first and read the measurement, write the measurement down.  Then choose another object, estimate (sensible guess) whether you think it will be heavier or lighter than the first object,now weigh it and check. Repeat with the other objects.  Then place the objects in order lightest to heaviest. 

If you can this week, maybe do some cooking with an adult, remember you are in charge of weighing the ingredients! 

Note to parents - if you have any spare pasta (i know!!) or dried peas, rice - children could use these to practise weighing different amounts using the weighing scales to help them to read scales accurately. 

Grammar - Monday 20th April 2020 

Write the two sentences that have been joined together with a conjunction.

1. I needed a stamp so I went to the post office. 

2. I'm late because I missed the bus.

3. We went for a walk because the weather was so lovely.

4. He turned his bike over so he could mend the puncture.

Can you write your own sentences, one joined with so and one joined wth because. 

Good Morning Year 2!

Hope you have had a good start to the new week, I will be calling you all today for a little chat to see how you are getting on :)

Tuesday 21st April 2020 - English

Today I would like you to re-watch the video and online book about cheetahs from yesterday, listening particularly to what a cheetah looks like and how it is designed to fit its lifestyle and habitat.  Then I would like you to draw and label a cheetah and the functions of their different body parts.  To help you with drawing the cheetah use the internet and visit 'How to Draw a Cheetah How 2Draw Animals.  

Remember to use a ruler to draw lines to the different body parts, label what they are and their function, Eg. a long tail - this helps the cheetah to change direction quickly when it is running. 

21.4.2020 - Maths 

To start with I would like you to think back to when we looked at 2D shapes.  I would like you to draw these shapes and label them with their name and their properties. Eg. Square, 4 sides, 4 corners.

We are going to continue thinking about measure today.  First of all, using the internet access the website TWINKL.  Type in What is the mass powerpoint. Look at this with a grown up.

Today you are going to be measuring using grams.  Remember there are 1000grams in 1 kilogram. 

You are going to be playing an interactive game using the website 'Topmarks'. When on the website you need to type in 'Mostly Postie'.  On this interactive game you need to click on the correct weight of the parcels so that the postman can send them. Make sure you use 'answers in steps of 100g'(eg. 100g, 200g) and 'answers in steps of 10g.' Have Fun!

Grammar - I would like you to look at 'Past, present and future' tenses.

Remember when we write about something that is happening now, we use the present tense of a verb.  For example 'Today I am playing football' When we write about something that hapened in the past, we use the past tense of a verb.  For example 'Yesterday I played football.'

Can you change these present tense sentences into past tense.....

Eg. i am planting = Yesterday I planted.

Your turn...

i am washing = Yesterday....

I am banging =

I am cleaning =

I am lifting= 

I am looking = 

I am shouting= 

I am climbing = 

Good Morning Year 2!

It was so lovely to chat with most of you yesterday on the phone, it sounds like you are all keeping safe and busy and trying your best to complete all the tasks Ive been setting for you, so a big WELL DONE to you! :). So today....

English - Wednesday 22nd April 2020

To practice spelling some of the key words that you will need to help you to write your report about cheetahs I would like you to find someone to play hangman with (a parent or brother/sister).  The words you can use are; cheetah, speed, tail, claws, direction, mammal, carnivore, tear-drop, predator, prey, spots.  You could add some common exception words that you find tricky too. 

Watch the cheetah video clip again or with a grown up maybe have a look on the internet to see if you can find any other video clips about cheetahs.  Then I would like you to decide what your three sub-headings are going to be. 

For example your sub-headings could be; 

What a cheetah looks like and why

Where a cheetah hunts and what

How we can help cheetahs?

Think about what you are going to write underneath each heading, remember they have to match. 

Maths - 22.4.2020

Please start of today with finding 1/2 of 18, 1/4 of 20, 1/3 of 21, 1/2 of 14, 1/4 of 16, 1/3 of 30. Remember you can use objects to help you or draw circles and share out the number. 

Today you are going to be looking at capacity and volume. 

Remember capacity is the amount of liquid a container can hold.  Volume is how much liquid is actually in the container. 

Choose some empty containers from around the house/garden.  Use water to fill them (you may want to do this lesson outside!)and label them; quarter. full, full, half full, three-quarters full, empty.

On a piece of paper draw a greater than sign<and a less than sign > and then use these pieces of paper to put between the containers to show which ones hold greater amounts and less amounts. 

If you have a measuring jug in your kitchen fill one container with 200ml, one with 500ml, one with 300ml, one with 700ml and one with 600ml.

If you can, you can print off TWINKL 'Everyday objects capacity worksheet' if not, don't worry continue practising practically. 

Grammar - Today I would like you to look at capital letters and full stops.  Below is a short story but there are no capital letters and fullstops! Please could you re-write it and put them in for me.

amy came into her house

she went into the kitchen

then she got a glass of water

amy sat on a chair

she drank the water

then amy read a book

Remember to read for 20 minutes and try to be active either completing Joe Wicks or playing in your garden :)



Good Morning Year 2!

English - Thursday 23rd April 2020

Remember tomorrow you are going tobe writing your report about Cheetahs.

Look at your three headings that you chose yesterday.  Watch the video clip again and write down words/ideas under each heading to help you when you write, this is called making notes.  Remember the words that you write under each sub-heading need to link to it.  Use these notes to write 3 sentences underneath each sub-heading.  When you have finished ask a grown up to read it with you and help you to check it,  looking for correct spellings and correct use of capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks.  Have you underlined your title? Your sub-heading? 

Maths - 23.4.2020

To warm your brain up I would like you to practise telling the time using the topmarks website, please play the interactive game 'Hickory Dickory Dock'.

Today we are going to continue to look at capacity. So, please visit the website BBC Bitesize.  Go onto Key Stage 1 - Maths - Measurement - Capacity .  Watch the video clip and then complete the activities that follow it.

Please visit the website TWINKL. Search for the powerpoint 'Measuring in ml powerpoint.'

Use the topmarks website to practise reading scales in ml. 

Visit 'Topmarks' again, then type in 'Capacity Countdown' Practise answers in steps of 100ml and then try steps of 10ml.

Grammar - Thursday 23rd April

Nouns, Adjective and verbs.

Play I spy with a grown up or your brother/sister.  How many nouns can you spot? Noun (a word that names or labels something eg, tree, dog, table). 

When they guess what your noun is they must add an adjective (gives more description eg, red, shiny soft).  So if your noun was tree, they must add an adjective 'The beautiful tree'. Then swap over and you have to think of of adjective when you have guessed their I spy noun.  If you want to challenge yourself, you can add a verb ( an action/doing word) too! Eg. The beautiful tree was swaying in the wind.  Write down some of your best sentences. 

Good Morning Year 2!

I am quickly re-typing this as for some reason it did not upload last night, so thank you for letting me know, sorry about that - technology!

English -Friday 24th April 2020

So, this week you have been learning about cheetahs so today you are going to be writing your informative leaflet about cheetahs.  

Use all your ideas and notes from this week, including your paragraphs from yesterday.  Remember to include; a title, sub-headings with sentences underneath each, only facts, key words (take care with spelling), extend your sentences with when, if, because, include a labelled picture at the end.  

I am looking forward to reading your leaflets about cheetahs.  If you have time, why not create a leaflet about another animal, it could be your pet or a favourite animal.

Maths - 24.4.2020

Start with a times tables quiz - ask a grown up to test you on your 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.  You could also use rockstar timestables or visit the website 'the maths' where you can do timed challenges you choose your level!

Visit TWINKL and complete the capacity quiz (its in a powerpoint)

Look together with an adult at 'KS1 Capacity Challenge Cards' also on TWINKL, you can read and solve them on the screen, you don't need to print them off. 

If you have access to a printer, you can print off 'Colour Measuring Jugs' on TWINKL too.


Ask a grown up to test you on last weeks spellings.  Your new spellings are; camel, tunnel, towel, travel, jewel, label, tinsel, cancel, vowel, flannel. Remember to keep practising your year 1 and year 2 common exception words too. 

If you have the CGP Homework please complete;

English page 25

Maths page 46

Grammar - Proper Nouns- A proper noun is a special noun, it is the name of a person, place or thing. We begin each proper noun with a capital letter. For example, John lives in London. His birthday is on Monday.

Please write the names of these proper nouns correctly...

queen elizabeth

prince charles

buckingham palace

dover castle

mr smith

aunt mary




Good Morning Year 2!  This week we have changed the format of your home learning. Each day we will put up your home learning tasks for the day but it will now be on a PDF document. The document will consist of a Maths task, Reading task, Writing task, physical task, themed learning task alongside a teamwork task and an independent task. Do the tasks at your own pace and don't forget we don't remove any work off the page so if you have to come back to parts at different times that's fine. Keep up th fantastic effort Year Two! 

Mrs Bennett 

Good Morning Year 2!

I hope that you had a good weekend?

Here is this weeks learning, there will only be four days of learning this week as Friday is VE Day (a bank holiday) so if you can, why not complete some VE Day activities on Friday. Have a good week :-) 

Don't forget it is VE day on Friday, maybe you could make some bunting for outside your house or make your own flag? Click below to print off bunting and flags.


Good Morning Year 2!

I hope that you are all staying safe and well and that you had a lovely long weekend, celebrating VE Day.

Here is this weeks home learning, remember I am very proud of how hard you are all working at home :-)

Good Morning Year 2!

I hope that you had a good weekend?  Here is your learning for the new week. Don't forget next week you will get a break as it is half term.  Keep staying safe and working hard! I'm very proud of you all.


Good Morning Year 2!

I hope that you had a good half term break and are all happy and healthy!

Here is this weeks learning;


Good Morning Year Two!

Welcome to the new week! I'm so proud of how hard you are all working at home. I know some of you have been so busy that you have filled your exercise books, if you need some more, please pop into school. 


Monday 15th June 2020

Good Morning Year Two!

As Miss Kirton and I will be working with a bubble we have made the decision to create a KS1 home learning document to be used by Year One and Year Two. There will be two options for Maths and Writing, please choose the activity that best suits the needs of your child or children.

Any questions please don't hesitate to call or email school. 


Extenstion Task Year 2

Good Morning Year 2!

Apologies, I seem to have repeated the same spellings this week! It must be the hot weather getting to me!

Try these ones....

busy, build, circle, fruit, earth, early, group, heart, learn, eight.

:-) Keep up the good work. 

Good Morning Key Stage One

We hope you had a good week.  Here is this week's learning.

Mrs Bennett and Miss Kirton


Good Morning Key Stage 1

We hope you have been enjoying this glorious weather!  Here is your learning for this week.


Good Morning Key Stage One

We are nearly there! Well Done for working so hard these last few months, we are both very proud of you.

Mrs Bennett and Miss Kirton

Here is this weeks learning...


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