Thorns Primary School

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Anti Fraud and Corruption Strategy Update April 2022

Anti Fraud and Corruption Strategy Update April 2022.pdf

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy.pdf

Covid 19 Addendum - Child Protection Policy

Covid 19 Addendum.pdf

Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Covid 19 Risk Assessment.pdf

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy.pdf

Bereavement Policy

Bereavement Policy.pdf

Business Continuity and Emergency Plan

Business Continuity and Emergency Plan.pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy.pdf

School Complaints Procedure

School Complaints Procedure.pdf

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy.pdf

ECT Policy

ECT Policy.pdf

Equalities and Diversities Policy

Equalities and Diversities Policy.pdf

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf

Feedback Policy

Feedback Policy.pdf

Healthy Snack Policy

Healthy Snack Policy.pdf

Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement 2022 2023.pdf

Thorns Primary School Intimate Care Policy

Thorns Primary School Intimate Care Policy.pdf

Keeping Children Safe In Education 2022

KCSIE 2022 Part One.pdf

Lockdown Policy and Procedures

Lockdown Policy and Procedures.pdf

Phonics Policy

Phonics Policy.pdf

PSHE Policy

PSHE Policy.pdf

Pupil Absence and Home Learning Guide

Pupil Absence and Home Learning Guide.pdf

Remote Learning Guide

Remote Learning Guide.pdf

Rewards and Consequences policy

Rewards and Consequences policy.pdf

SEN Policy

SEN POLICY September 2022.pdf

SEN Information Report September 2022

SEN Information Report September 2022.pdf

Smoke Free

Smoke Free.pdf

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions.pdf

Thorns Primary Lettings Policy

Thorns Primary Lettings Policy.pdf

Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy .pdf

Whistleblowing Policy 2022

Whistleblowing Policy 2022.pdf

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