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SEND and Inclusion

All children are welcomed and included at Thorns Primary School. We value each individual and believe that the purpose of education is to challenge all children to achieve their fullest intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, cultural and moral development.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything that we say and do, and all our classrooms are inclusive which create a supportive environment for all learners. Inclusivity means respecting people from all backgrounds and cultures and teaching our students the importance of this creates a much more tolerant and understanding environment, not just in the classroom and the school but also in the wider society.

We have a team of skilled staff who support the inclusion of our pupils. Our SENCO and Inclusion Lead is Mr Hinkley, and our Family and Pastoral Support Worker is Mrs Westwood.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information Report

The SEND Information Report outlines the provision we are able to offer at Thorns Primary School, in support of our pupils with SEND, to ensure that every pupil is able to access learning that ensures progress, the development of life skills and positive emotional well-being for future lives. It also outlines the agencies that we work with to ensure we have access to a range of specialist professionals to deliver the most effective provision for our pupils. Provision may change and develop over time as we respond to the pupils we have in our school.

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SEN Report

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Supporting Children with Medical Conditions

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