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If you need to self isolate, these websites will be useful for activities and work that could be undertaken while you are not in lessons.

Stay safe and get well,

Mrs Kaur and Mrs Bicker.


Practise your times tables


Learn about history, geography and science on National Geographic website


Footage from Mars and the International Space Station to interviews with astronauts alongside all the latest news about the most recent space launches and developments.


Try BrainPOP to help you and your curious learners stay informed and on-track with free access during self isolation - all subjects


Have a virtual tour with live cameras at the second-most visited zoo in the United States. Live cameras are trained on tiny leafcutter ants as they go about their work and at the elephants as they roam their expansive yard. Also on view are the chimpanzees, gorillas, giraffes and rhinos.


Log into your Purple Mash account and discover any of the exciting activities


BBC Bitesize


The imagination Tree- Creative art and learning for kids


Toy Theatre – Educational online games


DK- Find out- Activities and Quizzes


Twinkl - This is for printouts, usually costing a fee, but they are offering a month of access to parents - there are ebooks that can be found on here too.


The Artful Parent- Good, free art activities


Oxford owl for home-Lots of free resources for Primary Age


Big History Project- Science related


Geography games


Blue Peter Badges-


Top Marks


There are different English activities here everyday. Each day is a new picture and new activities.


If you have an email address, you can sign up to this for free at the moment.


Don’t forget to keep active if you feel well enough.


Lots of authors are reading their own books on a daily basis while isolation is taking place. Mac Barnett, Oliver Jeffers, Greg Pizzoli, Sandra Dieckmann, Josh Funk and many more - find them on their social media platforms.

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