Meet the Governors

Thorns Primary Governing Board are a group of 9 people made up of School staff, parents and others with a keen passion to ensure that the children of Thorns Primary receive the best education possible. Governors have 3 main roles.  

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • To hold the Headteacher to account for the education performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of the staff
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure that the money is well spent (Governance Handbook DfE (March 2019)

    As a Governing Board, we have a range of expertise to ensure that these 3 functions are fulfilled. We meet regularly throughout the academic year as a Governing Board in order to carry out these functions.   We meet as a Governing Board twice each term when we all discuss, question and challenge the leadership of the School. We do not have Committees as such but conduct our work during our two full Governing Body meetings. We do have Committees for Pay, Pay Appeals, Pupil Disciplinary, Staff Disciplinary and Appeals but these Committees only meet when required to do so.   We also attend Governor Days/Mornings which are held regularly throughout the academic year. This is when we visit School to carry out first-hand monitoring. We have the chance to talk to the children and to experience life at Thorns Primary for ourselves. We also visit School at other times.


    Governing Board List 2019/2020
    Name and Category Term Start Term Ends
    Mrs R Dalgleish - Chair of Governors / Parent Governor 19.07.2016 18.07.2020
    Mrs R Jordan - Headteacher 1.09.2018 Ex Officio
    Mrs J Snow - Co-opted Governor 13.09.2019 13.09.2023
    Mrs K Parkes - Associate Member* 11.11.2019 10.11.2023
    Miss E Homer - Parent Governor 19.07.2016 18.07 2020
    Mrs K Bennett - Staff Governor 11.11.2019 10.11.2023
    Mrs D Campbell - Parent Governor 11.11.2019 10.11.2023
    Mr I Geddes - Co-opted Governor 11.11.2019 10.11.2023
    *Mrs Parkes has voting rights for Committees of which she is a member.

    Governors who have served in the last 12 months

    Name Category and date resigned

    Mrs M Carter Co-opted Governor 31.12.2018

    Miss K Round Parent Governor 18.02.2019

    Mrs L Handley Co-opted Governor 11.05.2019

    Mrs J Price Local Authority Governor 21.06.2019

    Miss R Moncrieffe-Simpson Co-opted Governor 01.09.2019


    Register of Governors' Business Interests 2018/2019

    Mrs R Dalgleish Manager of Private Pre-School rented from Thorns Primary.

    Mrs J Jessup Governor Withymoor Primary School

    Mrs J Snow Governor (LAB) The Kingswinford School

    Please note: As of the Summer term 2019, the Strategic and Resources Committees will no longer meet. We will meet as a full Governing Board twice each term.

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