Medical Consent Form

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First Aid

Pupils will sometimes need first aid for minor injuries. If your child receives first aid you need to know about, you will be notified by either a slip to home or phone call. Please tick the box below to agree to your child receiving first aid.

Sun Awareness Campaign

We have taken part in Dudley Healthy Schools Programme to raise awareness of cancer prevention. They have provided us with allergy-tested sun lotion, in a pump action bottle, specifically for use with children. This is kept in class and will be available for children to use during sunny weather. Please indicate below if you agree to your child using the sun cream.

First Aid on Trips and Events

Whenever our children leave site they are always accompanied by a trained first aider. During a school trip there may be a time when the first aider has to make a decision about the welfare of your child. Please indicate below that you agree to the first aider assessing and taking the appropriate action to treat your child.

I agree to authorise members of staff, during visits, to approve medical treatment for my child as deemed necessary in an emergency or upon the advice of a medical practitioner

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