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Thorns Primary School Curriculum Development

Please see below our phased approach to our curriulum development.

We are currently in phase 2 moving towards phase 3.

Our initial curriculum intent was to deliver the content for the foundation subjects, in particular humanities and the arts, over a two-year rolling programme. However, as we are now nearing the end of the two-year period (albeit both years having been disrupted by the impact of COVID-19) we have recognised that the current long-term plan does not support the clear progression and step-by-step build-up of learning that our pupils need if they are to acquire the knowledge and skills, and develop the cultural capital, that we intended.


We have also recognised that our curriculum drivers have not been underpinning our offer explicitly enough and that they have not driven our planning in the way that they should. In addition, staff changes since we initially planned our curriculum have been fairly significant, and our PESTEL analysis identified changes within our community that we needed to take better account of. Therefore, revisiting and redefining our curriculum intent and drivers made sense.


On this basis we are currently undertaking a full review of our school’s curriculum offer, including the impact this will have on text choices in English etc. with a view to full roll-out of a highly comprehensive curriculum offer by September 2022, starting in September 2021 and developing throughout the year. From May 2021, we will be taking a phased approach to curriculum development.

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