Gambia Day – Friday 5th July

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you know, Friday is Gambia Day in school. On this day, we will be being visited by a teacher from a Halesowen school who is involved in a charity which does a lot of work in Gambia, West Africa. She will be spending time in each class doing activities around a Gambian theme.

You may recall that we did not participate in Comic Relief, promising an alternative. We decided that we wanted to raise money for a more direct beneficiary, sending the funds raised somewhere specific where our children could actually receive feedback about what their fundraising has helped to achieve.

We want to support the charity, Abooku, and their Baobab Reading Scheme (registered charity number 1159194) whose slogan is: Spread reading around for just a pound! This scheme aims to equip schools in Gambia with reading materials, and consists of a Teachers’ Manual, a big book for teachers to use with their classes and a set of 80 readers (printed on 4A sheets) for each child in the class. The cost of this scheme is just over a pound per child for the whole set, and the materials are printed in Gambia and distributed using local networks.

We are inviting children to come to school on Friday in their own clothes, with the option of wearing something blue, red or green, which are the colours of the Gambian flag (but there is no requirement to buy something special) and bring in £1 donation. The donations will be taken directly to Gambia and will be used to fund the reading scheme in one of a number of schools supported by the charity, including Bakau Newtown, Talinding, Bijilo Nursery and Wellingara.

For Reception and Year 1, we have obtained some copies of a small book called Fatou’s First Day, which is a story about a young girl starting school in the Gambian village of Serrekunda, which will be given to them in exchange for their £1. They will be looking at this book during the day in class, and then next school year, key stage one will have a Geography focus on Serrekunda as part of the revised wider curriculum.

Please join us in supporting this worthwhile cause. Charity and developing a knowledge of the wider world, fits in well with the curriculum as well as Fundamental British Values and our school value of kindness. Global citizenship is considered important in schools and we want our children to grow in awareness of the world around them.

Many thanks,


Rebecca Jordan

Head Teacher

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